Monday, August 31, 2009

Week 1 Report

Week 1 of this 6-week plan has ended. Is it possible to evaluate a diet or fitness plan after only a week? I don't know, and will let the numbers speak for themselves. I will refrain from making an overall judgment until the very end, and try to present just the facts where the plan itself is concerned. When I stray into opinion, I will try to stick to describing how I feel at any given time.

Now it's time to review the results. So after the first week on the plan, I have lost 5.4 pounds, and a little bit off my waist, hips and chest. In that week, I haven't felt deprived of anything. My sleep has improved, and I seem to have more energy.


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

*Weight and Body fat taken on a
Tanita Body Fat Monitor
upon waking.

Weight (lbs)*



Body Fat % *



Waist (inches)



Hips (inches)



Chest (inches)



SAD (Standing)



SAD (lying down)



You'll notice that I've added two measurements to the chart that weren't in the first chart: namely, the SAD, or "Sagittal Abdominal Diameter" values. Without complicating things too much, this measurement helps to determine how much of your abdominal fat is on the surface as opposed to being packed in the abdominal cavity. The latter fat is the more dangerous of the two. Evidently, gravity affects the two types of fat differently. Taking the same measurement standing and lying down provides you with two different numbers.
To quote briefly from the book, "The closer the two readings are together, the  more likely it is that there is a significant amount of middle-body fat stored in and around the vital organs within the abdominal cavity." A more thorough examination of abdominal fat is presented in Chapter 3. How to take and interpret the measurements are described in Chapter 5.

As I noted at the beginning, the plan is divided into three 2-week phases, so I'm half way through the first phase now. I'm actually looking forward to the second phase, but I'll until next week to describe it.

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